Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lucky Paper Stars

This is my new addiction. Folding Lucky Paper Stars.

I already folded a lot of those lucky stars and I gave two bottles to my old classmates. See picture below. I brought a lot of origami paper which can be bought in a package of 60 pieces or more. You can buy it on ebay, but for dutch people you can go to these sites: http://mostcutest.nl/?home,1 This girl has a lot of cute things, like jewelry and decorating tape. You should check it out if you like cute things. http://www.passion2create.nl/verkoopindex.html Here I bought a few lucky stars papers, but this is a smaller store than the one above. I had to buy a big jar to put my lucky stars in. Because I made a lot.

I like the cute prints that are on the paper. The most prints are with flowers or hearts.

The amount of lucky stars has a special meaning. Its written behind the packages, but its in Chinese, so I cant read it. But I found this on a website:

1 pc: The only one

2 pcs: Happy Couple

9 pcs: Love for a long time

55 pcs: Love you with no regrets

99 pcs: May the friendship/love lasts forever

101 pcs: You are the one

365/366pcs: Whole year blessing

520 pcs: I love you

548 pcs: Can't stop loving you

999 pcs: Endless love

1314 pcs: Eternity love

Love, LC