Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boekenfestijn 2011 Ahoy, Rotterdam

Yesterday I went to Books Festival aka Boekenfestijn in Ahoy, Rotterdam and I brought these stuff:
Foam stickers and Christmas Stickers for my scrapbook. I brought traveling books of Bali and London. Because maybe I am going to London with my younger sister Nydia this summer. And Bali, because Bali is awesome XD

I wasn't planning to buy this, but I wanted to look if they had all the books. I already have part 1 and I brought book 2-21 except for book 20, thats the only part that was missing. So I decided to buy this, it only is 1,95 euro each. I love the Wallflower. I already saw the anime and the real live action serie.
Love, LC

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oilily SS11 Botanic Amish | Tea Party Spring 2011 Collection

I went to Zwijndrecht today and I saw @ Duifhuizen Oilily bag.

This bag is what I saw and I fell in love with it. Its so cute ^^ with ladybugs, strawberries and cupcakes.I really wanted the wallet, but they don't have it. But I already brought a wallet of Oilily @ ICI Paris, because I had a giftcoupon of 20 euros. See picture.I was curious if they have other bags of this new spring collection. On the site of I found the other bags. See the pictures.
Love, LC

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sick, Sakura Lantern, Roses and Hello Kitty

This whole week I dont feel so well. I got headache, I sneeze a lot and I feel pain all over my body. It's not weird, because it's winter and a lot of people got the flu. I need to take a lot of rest and get better soon.

My best friend joined weheartit site. Its a really cute site where you can heart a picture that you like and then it shows on your own profile site. I joined too and this is my site:

My BF brought me roses. It is really sweet of him.

For a few weeks McDonalds have Hello Kitty Happy Meals. As you can see above. I went there today and I got the red one and the green one is for my younger sister. You also get stickers with it.
Love, LC

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delicious Sweets

My BF brought desserts from Hema on New Year. Looks delicious and it was too XD

The supermarket in our neighborhood has opened again, because a few years ago the supermarket was on fire and everything was destroyed. So now its restored and another supermarket took place of the old one. Now, we have JUMBO supermarket. So today, my mom and I went there, because we were curious. Its a nice supermarket. They don't have everything, but the important stuff is there. If you spend more than 25 euro you get free Apple Pie. So now we have free Apple Pie.

I saw Muffins and I long for it. I know its not good if you are busy losing weight hehe :P Well, I am not busy losing weight, just try to keep myself in a good shape. Its bad if you eat this every day though.

My favorite dessert/cake is Cherry cake with whipped cream. In dutch: kersenflappen met slagroom.

So wrong to have this all @ home XD The new year desserts are already gone :P

Love, LC

Almost 2 weeks later After New Year

It feels like new year was a month ago, but it was only 13 days ago. The reasons why I am feeling this way, is because a lot has happened in 13 days. I went to a cremation of the father of my uncle, bringing my grandmother to the hospital, I had a job interview yesterday, 2 birthdays, I hang out with my best friend Margery 2 times and yesterday I went to my best friend Wendy in the Hague.
Because of these things it got me thinking about my life. Where I want to go and where will I be in 10 years, stuff like that. But I shouldn't be thinking too much about it. I need to enjoy life now. Just take one step before taking another. I want things too fast. And I also forget that life is unpredictable. Need to remind myself to just life now, appreciate things and that every day is a start of something beautiful.

There are a few things I want to show in this blog:

The first thing is the famous tomato soup that my grandma makes every year on new years day.

She almost didn't want to make this for 2011, but I am glad that she changed her mind. So I am happy that she did make it and its delicious as always.

The second things is the Hello Kitty Formation Arts. I promise to put the picture of the statues on this blog, So here it is.

The third and last thing is what I brought yesterday after my job interview. (I didn't get the job, I heard it one hour ago, because I didn't have a lot of experience to do the job) but anyway I brought a Nintendo DS game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days @ Futurezone in Rotterdam for 15 euro and a cute cake stand of Paperchase. I brought it with 50% discount.

Next blog is about delicious sweets XD

Love, LC