Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Series I am following right now

You already know that I am addicted to Asian Drama Series (Korean, Taiwan and Japanese) I only want to watch/follow one serie, but now I ended up following 4 drama series (X_x)

The first one is the Korean Drama Serie: Heartstrings.

The lead actor and actrice are from You're Beautiful (One of my favorite Korean drama serie) Only in You're Beautiful, he doesn't get her, so I was so happy when I found out that they both would play in a serie again and this time they are going to be a couple.

The Second Serie is Scent of A Woman

with Kim Sun-ah (My name is Kim-SamSoon) and Lee Dong Wook (My Girl)
I love the actor and actrice, so I was really looking forward to this serie. I wonder how its going to turn out. I hope its not going to be a really sad story. Because its about a woman who's diagnosed with cancer. She always worked hard to save money and people doesn't respect her, so when she found out, she drops everything and just live life the way she always wanted.

The third serie is a Japanse Serie based on the anime:

Ouran High School Host Club.

I really like the first episode. It was short, only 30 minutes. But it was funny and silly just like the anime. So I wonder how much episode this serie is going to have.

The fourth serie is Ikemen Desu Ne aka the Japanese Version of You're Beautiful.

I didn't know what to expect. Because I really love the Korean Version. I watched 2 episodes and I also like this version very much. The story goes faster and has a twist. The Japanese version has his own charm. Will definitely watch it till the end.

Hope I can keep up to watch the series each week.
- Heartstrings comes two times a week, this week its episode 8 and 9
- Scent of a Women also 2 times a week, next week episode 3 and 4
- Ouran High School Host Club one time a week
- Ikemen Desu Ne one time a week

Love, LC

It's Been A While

As you can see, I am back again after more than 3 months.
I have been busy with work, sports and living life ^^

Just wanted to blog something today, a little update of what I am being doing these days.

Love, LC