Tuesday, November 09, 2010

W = Waiting

In life we always have to wait for everything. We learn to have patient, but it's hard to wait for anything in life. Waiting in line of the supermarket, waiting for love to happen, waiting to get things done. Wait Wait Wait, I know its hard, but when you patiently wait things will happen, if you just believe in it.

Love, LC

Monday, November 08, 2010

V = Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade

A really beautiful Song by Second Serenade.

Love, LC

ps. I decided that I just skip the weekend and this is just the blog of Monday.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

U = Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

I love this song and the female singer. This song is also the opening song of MTV The Hills

Love, LC

T = Tale as Old as Time

Blog of Wednesday, November 3th 2010

This is a song of Disney Beauty & the Beast. My BF played this song on his mp3 in his car while we are on our way to the Hague, yesterday. I love the Disney Movie Beauty & the Beast, but I think you know that by now :D

Love, LC

S = Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Blog of Tuesday, November 2th, 2010

Yesterday I watched this movie at my BF best friend house. This movie is based on a comic book by Bryan Lee O'Malley. The movie also looks a lot like you are reading a comic book/ playing a videogame. You should see for yourself, then you know what I mean. The movie was quite interesting and fun to watch.

The story in short: It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl. He has to defeat her 7 exes so he can be with her.

Love, LC

Ps. Yes, I am behind again XD

Monday, November 01, 2010

R = Road of Life

The Road of Life.
I wonder where I am gonna go in life. What I am going to do, experience and see. It's hard to imagine what I am going to look like in 10 years and where I will be. I never thought I will be here, where I am right now, if you asked me 10 years ago. But I can imagine what I want to do in 10 years, to see the world/ travel, get a job, get married, have children and have a happy, fun life. I try to enjoy life every day, try not to worry a lot or stress about things.
Just follow my feelings and my heart and be happy with the things I choose.
I should not worry about what people think or say about me. If I am sure about something then there's nothing I should worry about. I should try to live my own life instead of thinking about others. Be more selfish, but I know that I am not that kind of person. So, I am who I am, I just need to be more confident and more independent.

Love, LC

Q = Questions about the Perfect Guy

Blog of Sunday October 31th, 2010T H E P E R F E C T G U Y
1. hair color ? I like guys with dark hair.
2. eye color ? brown
3. height ? taller than me, but not too tall
4. six pack ? that's not important to me
5. long or short hair ? short hair
6. glasses ? ok:D
7. piercings ? please no XD
8. scars ? You can't do anything about that.
9. eyebrows ? Not too thick
10. big butt or little ? whaha :P not too big XD
11. chest hair ? eehh, if its not too much hair XD
12. buff or skinny ? between buff and skinny
13. straight teeth, gap, or braces ? straight
14. funny or serious ? funny but also can be serious
15. party or stay at home ? I like a guy who like to go to parties once in a while, but not all the time.
16. should he cook or bake ? it would be great if he could
17. should he have a best friend ? Yes
18. should he have a lotta girlfriends? no, not a lot, but few.
19. outgoing or shy ? both, more outgoing and a little bit shy.
20. sarcastic or sincere ? sincere
21. should he love his mother ? yes, ofcourse
22. should he watch chick flicks ? hehe, yes, together with me!
23. would he be a smoker ? no, I don't like smokers
24. would he drink ? not too much
25. would he swear ? no, he should not swear a lot.
26. would he play with your hair? sometimes
27. one or more girls at a time ? what kind of question is this XD
28. would he pay for dates ? that would be really sweet of him.
29. does he kiss on the first date ? No, maybe a kiss on the cheek is ok.
30. where would you go to dinner ? to a nice, delicious restaurant.
31. would he bring you flowers ? well, that would be nice.
32. would he lay under the stars with you? that would be amazing.
33. would he write poetry about you? that's romantic
34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby ? whaha, yeah, why not.
35. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends? if he wants to..
36. would you hang out with him and HIS friends ? sometimes
37. will he walk you to the door at the end? it depends, but I am fine when he brings me home
38. holding hands ? yes, that would be really nice
39. soccer ? if he's not really a big/ extreme fan
40. baseball ? thats ok
41. basketball ? also ok
42. football ? uh, no
43. water polo ? I would say, no
44. surf ? thats cool
45. skateboard ? also cool
46. snowboard ? same as above, cool
47. sing? for me, yes
48. play guitar? thats cool if he can
49. play piano ? also cool
50. play drums ? its good if he can
51. clean his room ? yes i don't like it when he's messy
52. paint, draw, sculpt ? thats cool if he is good at it
53. writes his own music ? that would be totally cool
54. use the word dude ? sounds weird if he says it to me
55. use the word tight ? tight?
56. would he watch the sunrise with you ? yes ofcourse
57. what kind of car does he drive ? it doesn't matter to me
58. how old is he? a bit older than me.5
59. what would his name be...? I don't know...

Love, LC

Ps. I use this questions about the perfect guy from Wendy, I saw it on her blog and I thought it was funny XD

P = Poems

Blog of Saturday, October, 30th 2010

The stranger I found
A stranger I found,
I know how weird this is going to sound.
it was something about you that I couldnt deny.
Somehow you caught my eye.
I wanted to know more about you
and your dreamtrip too.
You are really nice,
Giving me a lot of advice.
The long stories you write to me
Making me see,
the person who you really are.
Who loves to drive in his own car.
I wonder what do you think of me.
What do you really see?,
Are you worried because you are being polite?
Or are you really concerned and wanted to make sure that I am alright?
I also wonder 'What is your ideal lover?'
That is something I just want to discover.
Sweet & perfect words
I long for you.
but I wonder,
is it all in my head?
The sweet and perfect words that you said to me.
Do you miss me too?
You are now so far away from me.
And I know I shouldn't,
but I have doubts again.
Why am I longing for you?
Why cant I stop thinking of you?
I know I sound crazy now,
but I can't help it.
Maybe I long for a love.
A love thats so true.
Where my heart feels home and at ease.
I hope I can find this with you.

Love, LC
ps. I wrote this poems before I met my BF.