Monday, November 01, 2010

P = Poems

Blog of Saturday, October, 30th 2010

The stranger I found
A stranger I found,
I know how weird this is going to sound.
it was something about you that I couldnt deny.
Somehow you caught my eye.
I wanted to know more about you
and your dreamtrip too.
You are really nice,
Giving me a lot of advice.
The long stories you write to me
Making me see,
the person who you really are.
Who loves to drive in his own car.
I wonder what do you think of me.
What do you really see?,
Are you worried because you are being polite?
Or are you really concerned and wanted to make sure that I am alright?
I also wonder 'What is your ideal lover?'
That is something I just want to discover.
Sweet & perfect words
I long for you.
but I wonder,
is it all in my head?
The sweet and perfect words that you said to me.
Do you miss me too?
You are now so far away from me.
And I know I shouldn't,
but I have doubts again.
Why am I longing for you?
Why cant I stop thinking of you?
I know I sound crazy now,
but I can't help it.
Maybe I long for a love.
A love thats so true.
Where my heart feels home and at ease.
I hope I can find this with you.

Love, LC
ps. I wrote this poems before I met my BF.

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