Monday, January 09, 2012

~ 2012 ~

Time does fly... so fast.

First, I want to wish everybody a very
Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!

Second... I want to share my memories of 2011
It was a fun year...
I went to a lot of places and events...

* Bookfest in Rotterdam & Utrecht
* Made in Asia in Brussels Event 
* Amusementsparcs like Efteling, Moviepark Germany and Disneyland Paris
Efteling 30-07-2011
MoviePark Germany: 13-08-2011 
 Disneyland Paris: 16-10 t/m 19-10
* Went to the Amazing Musical Wicked on first of december..

 * I went to two Weddings in 2011

* Christmas 2011

It was indeed a fun and evenful year... went by so fast... Trying to make all of my dreams come true.
Just need to believe in it!!!

Love, LC