Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delicious Sweets

My BF brought desserts from Hema on New Year. Looks delicious and it was too XD

The supermarket in our neighborhood has opened again, because a few years ago the supermarket was on fire and everything was destroyed. So now its restored and another supermarket took place of the old one. Now, we have JUMBO supermarket. So today, my mom and I went there, because we were curious. Its a nice supermarket. They don't have everything, but the important stuff is there. If you spend more than 25 euro you get free Apple Pie. So now we have free Apple Pie.

I saw Muffins and I long for it. I know its not good if you are busy losing weight hehe :P Well, I am not busy losing weight, just try to keep myself in a good shape. Its bad if you eat this every day though.

My favorite dessert/cake is Cherry cake with whipped cream. In dutch: kersenflappen met slagroom.

So wrong to have this all @ home XD The new year desserts are already gone :P

Love, LC

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