Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sick, Sakura Lantern, Roses and Hello Kitty

This whole week I dont feel so well. I got headache, I sneeze a lot and I feel pain all over my body. It's not weird, because it's winter and a lot of people got the flu. I need to take a lot of rest and get better soon.

My best friend joined weheartit site. Its a really cute site where you can heart a picture that you like and then it shows on your own profile site. I joined too and this is my site:

My BF brought me roses. It is really sweet of him.

For a few weeks McDonalds have Hello Kitty Happy Meals. As you can see above. I went there today and I got the red one and the green one is for my younger sister. You also get stickers with it.
Love, LC

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