Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost 2 weeks later After New Year

It feels like new year was a month ago, but it was only 13 days ago. The reasons why I am feeling this way, is because a lot has happened in 13 days. I went to a cremation of the father of my uncle, bringing my grandmother to the hospital, I had a job interview yesterday, 2 birthdays, I hang out with my best friend Margery 2 times and yesterday I went to my best friend Wendy in the Hague.
Because of these things it got me thinking about my life. Where I want to go and where will I be in 10 years, stuff like that. But I shouldn't be thinking too much about it. I need to enjoy life now. Just take one step before taking another. I want things too fast. And I also forget that life is unpredictable. Need to remind myself to just life now, appreciate things and that every day is a start of something beautiful.

There are a few things I want to show in this blog:

The first thing is the famous tomato soup that my grandma makes every year on new years day.

She almost didn't want to make this for 2011, but I am glad that she changed her mind. So I am happy that she did make it and its delicious as always.

The second things is the Hello Kitty Formation Arts. I promise to put the picture of the statues on this blog, So here it is.

The third and last thing is what I brought yesterday after my job interview. (I didn't get the job, I heard it one hour ago, because I didn't have a lot of experience to do the job) but anyway I brought a Nintendo DS game: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days @ Futurezone in Rotterdam for 15 euro and a cute cake stand of Paperchase. I brought it with 50% discount.

Next blog is about delicious sweets XD

Love, LC

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