Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Strength of Love in 2010

The year 2010 is almost over and I just look back at what the year has brought me. I see that love of some people got stronger and deeper this year, but also that some people has lost love, like I did.

My Aunt and Uncle got the biggest gift this year to deepen their love for each other.That gift is their newborn son Daniel.

I see that the love of my younger sister and her bf got stronger after she went to Singapore/Indonesia for a month in June.

The love of my best friend and her BF also got deeper and stronger this year.

My Cousin Lara and her bf are living together now. They have their own house/home.

And today, That's the reason why I am writing this blog, my friend texted me and told me her boyfriend proposes to her. So now she's engaged. I was totally shocked, it was so unexpected, but I am superhappy for her.

I should not forget to tell you that my best guy friend who moves to China for his GF, is married this year.
As for me, my BF broke up with me after I went away for a month.Break ups is never easy, but somehow I wasn't that heartbroken. I wasn't feeling likeI lost my true love. It hurts that our three year relationship could ended so easily.That he just let me go.

But I admit that I am thankful that he did that, because if he didn't I haven't met my new BF.I was afraid of moving to fast and that I use him as a rebound, but in my heart I know that this love is real. He really cares about me and I care about him too . It feels like I know him longer than 4 months. And I sometimes forget that there are a lot of things I don't know about him. But I got all the time and patient to find out more about him.
Love isn't only about love for the person who is your BF of GF.Its also about the love of your family.
The First Thing when I think of family is my parents, my younger sister and me.
I feel like I am closer to my family than before.I began to appreciate and value my family. The ones who are with and around me and the ones I met for the first time this year in Singapore and Indonesia.

My cousins Jessica and Stella were one of the first people I met in Indonesia. They are so nice.
My cousins Vania & Rania from Bandung and Arief and his GF Lita. Also other familymembers we met who welcomed us like how families always do. We felt like we are home.

Also my cousin Cindy (Eugenia) who I have a lot of contact with on Facebook and MSN before I met her in Cilacap welcomed us like family. I feel like she's always been there in my life, even when I got to know her only this year. And I miss my family from Indonesia.

It took me way longer than I thought to write this blog. I have to go to sleep. 2 whole days until the New Year is coming in our lives.

In case I don't post a blog entry before the New Year; I wish you all a
That is:
Enchanted, and
With a lot of
Yellow sunshine
Everlasting moments
Awesome events
Romantic days
A Lot of Love, LC

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