Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After Christmas

I don't want to brag, I just want to show you what I got for Christmas. I know it's a lot and I am so thankful that my BF, Wendy and my family brought presents for me. So, Thank you for giving me such wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

As you can see I got a lot of nice things. Books of Tarot; giftcoupons of H&M and ICI Paris; shampoo of L'Oreal Elvive; Socks; Earrings; Lipgloss of Hello Kitty; Christmas Cards and Lavender soap of Sissy Boy. See under for bigger pictures of my christmas presents.

This is my first Christmas present. I opened it on Christmas Eve (24th) and I tried it out immediately. It's a karaoke game of Glee. They only have the songs of the first season.
The game is cool when you are fan of Glee. You sing with lyrics that appear on the screen and you can see the videoclip where the cast sang the song.

This Christmas present is from my Aunt Ellen. Its from the Ikea. Its a baking form for cupcakes and a photoframe. I really liked it. So this means that I am going to make cupcakes soon :P
This present I got from my BF. We saw Disney' Tangled in the cinema and we both loved that movie. Especially the scene in the rowboat with the floating lanterns and the song 'I see the light'. Thats why he brought me this. I really really love this statue of Rapunzel & Finn.

This is another present of my BF. He brought me Hello kitty as the English Queen when we saw it in Amsterdam and now he gave me all 5. Hello Kitty: Formation Arts: French Princess, Greece Goddess, Chinese Empress and Arabian Dancer. Also the English Queen again and I gave that to my younger sister. I will post a picture of them all standing in my room. For now, I show you the box.
This is a snowglobe of Belle (Beauty and the Beast) My BF gave this to me. I know he has spoiled me at Christmas. He knows that I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. So that why he gave this to me. All his presents are thoughtful, really sweet and meaningful.

Also from my BF, because I love the Twilight Saga and he just really wanted to give me this. He didn't watch this movie before; so because of me, he watched the first (Twilight) and the second (New Moon) and now he has to watch the third.

Also from my BF; He wanted to give a wii game of Sonic. And I told him that this game is really fun, so he bought it for me. Its with a Steering Wheel. Its difficult to play with a steering wheel in the beginning, but the game is a lot of fun.

I got two other Christmas Presents that aren't on the picture.
- Melody Bath/Shower gel. ( Forgot to take a picture of it)
- Desperate Housewives Hairdryer. ( Can't show you that, because its @ my BF house)

Well, that was my blog about the Christmas presents I got this year.
Love, LC

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