Tuesday, December 28, 2010

H&M Spring 2011 Catalogus & Super Sparklers

When I saw the first look for the H&M Spring Collection, I thought: where was the offer for getting the preview Catalogus. Because two times a year H&M has a preview catalogus; for the autumn and the Spring. But this time, I think, there wasn't a preview catalogus of the Spring. Because I got the normal Spring 2011 catalogus. But that doesn't matter, I am going to look at it.

I went to shop for food and I am addicted to Mars Planets. Blokker has a special price 1.29 euro, so I brought four, because my younger sister boyfriend is also addicted; he ate the whole bag. I also brought super sparklers, because its almost new year. So I am going to light up the sparklers. I don't like fireworks with big bangs.

That was my blog for today. I am eating Mars Planets and going to read the H&M Spring 2011 Catalogus.

Love, LC

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