Friday, October 15, 2010

A = Asia

5 years ago I didn't thought a lot about my culture and who I really am.
My parents are from Indonesia... and I live in Europe.. in the Netherlands....
So when my best friend lent me her drama-serie dvd; My Girl.. I became fascinated by the culture of Asia... I always thought they only made kung-fu or old legend movies... but I found out that they also make great drama-series... Series where I somehow can relate too..
So I became interested in the cultures of Asia... East Asia, I mean.. Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.
This feeling got stronger when I went to Singapore & Indonesia this year... I felt like I was home... I always felt like I was a bit different... but I couldn't explain why... but now I do...
I want to visit more countries of Asia... So that's one of my goals in life.

Love, LC

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