Thursday, October 28, 2010

L = Love

Blog of Tuesday October, 26 2010

You are in this world to love someone. Find that someone and love them until you can’t feel anything anymore. It’s worth the pain. It’s worth the time. It’s worth giving up every piece of dignity you have. Even if it makes you look like a fool. Even if it makes you look stupid in everyone else’s eyes. Don’t ever ever ever listen to what they tell you or what they make you feel. Because in the end, we all go through the same thing. We love and hurt. We love and die. Loving is never really owning. Loving is giving everything you can and trying to give everything you cannot. You must never expect anything in return if you love. Love with all your heart and if (s)he cannot give anything in return, learn to accept that and wait for your love to fade. Never ever hope for love to vanish. Because I tell you, it won’t. When you love someone, it will never go away. It will just fade. There will always be a little piece of your heart that will yearn for him/her. You cannot make it go away. You have to accept things for what they are and what they are meant to be. Learn to let go and move on. Learn to remember the good things that you’ve shared with him/her, even if it’s not mutual. Learn to remember the way (s)he smells, the way his/her eyes look when (s)he’s happy, the way (s)he smiles, the way (s)he laughs, the way (s)he walks,

the way (s)he talks, the way (s)he says hello and the way (s)he says good bye. Don’t forget the memories just because (s)he cannot give anything in return. Look back and remember the good things because in the end it’s always the good things that matter, not the bad.

Learn to face rejection with dignity and grace. It will make you stronger.

I love this piece, Wendy send me this and its really beautiful.

Love, LC

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