Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 28 – Your favorite movies!!!

I got a lot of favorite movies. So I am going to show you a few movies that I like. While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock is an old movie, but I always like to watch it again. It's an romantic comedy and I have a weakness for romantic comedy movies.

Life as a House, I watch it because Hayden Christensen plays here. The guy from Star Wars. Its a drama movie, but the acting is really good.

Just like in this movie White Oleander. this movie is pretty good, the girl Alison Lohman acts really good. and I don't know why, but this movie made an impression on me.

A Walk to Remember, I was really looking forward to this movie, because I read the book first.
So I was really excited that they made a movie out of it. And the movie is really good too.
It a bit sad, but the chemistry between Mandy Moore and Shane West is really amazing in this movie.

I have a weakness for Cinderella Stories. So when I knew they are making this movie, Me, my younger sister Nydia and my cousin Lara were really excited and couldn't wait to see this movie. So finally, the movie came in the cinema and we went there. three times XD I know we are crazy.

Twilight is based on a novel by Stephenie Meyer. I was glad that I read the book(s) first before it became a hype. And I liked it right away. I was also excited that they made a movie out of it. I had mixed feelings when I saw it first... maybe because of the way it was filmed or expectations. but I don't know. I do like the movie, but still have mixed feelings about it, can't explain it. there's also other movies out from the Twilight series: New Moon, Eclipse and next years Breaking Dawn.Just Like Heaven.. a simple, but cute romantic comedy movie... with Reese Witherspoon.. I like the movie, because of the idea of true love and that you are meant to be with someone...

Yeah... I think a lot of people love Disney movies. I have a few that I watch over and over again. like the movie Aladdin, the dutch version. I can sing along with the songs and I know the lines what the characters are going to say, I am getting nostalgic. My First Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast. This movie is really my favorite. I am happy that they bring out the Diamond version in november. I am going to buy it right away.

Then also two Korean Movies that I like:

My Little Bride. really funny & cute korean movie. About a 15/16 years old girl who gets married with the boy she knows since she was a baby. their grandpa's arranged that they should get married. You just have to see this movie.

The last on is the korean movie: 100 days with Mr. Arrogant. Its a funny movie. Just have to see for yourself.

Ok, that was the blog of today. I know I put a lot of movies in here. Crazy, but I love watching movies!!!

Love, LC

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