Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?

I have a make-up bag with print of cupcakes. In my make-up bag I have:
- 2 'vaseline' creams (Yellow & Blue jars),
- Wuta Kamille handcream by Herbacin,
- Lipbalm of Avon (blue),
- Orgel Light Lipstick by Etude House (pink),
- Stay on- Eyeliner Pencil by Catrice, A little pink mirror,
- bow tie-pin,
- 3 little parfum bottles of

* CKIN2U - Calvin Klein,
* ALIEN Sunessence-Thierry Mugler
* Chance - Chanel.

I always take this make-up bag with me.

Love, LC

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만두 said...

love ur blog
could u go to my blog and choose which photo of me is the best? i have entered the ulzzang contest and would like to win first place again. please tell me which photo is the best so i can send it to the judges by next week saturday. thank u!!

ur makeup bag is soo cute!