Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend(s).

In life people will come and go.
Friendship fades away and will make place for new ones.
Friendship is about two people who makes the effort and time to keep that friendship alive. For this blog challenge I choose three people.

The first one is my cousin Lara. I see her as my best friend of my childhood. I saw her as my sister. When we were little we always had sleepovers at each others house. We spend a lot of time together and we also wrote letters to each other... but then when we went to highschool and we got other interest and friends.. Now we don't spend a lot of time together... I miss those days. I only see her at family birthday parties. The reason why I put her in my blog, is because we share a lot of memories with each other... And that is really precious and special.

My other best friend is Margery. I met her when I was in Highschool. It was my second last year on highschool, because I fail the exams, so I had to do graduation year all over again. But we were just friends back then.. We became best friends when I was out of highschool. We talked to each other on msn and we had the same interests. Especially in watching the serie Gilmore Girls with the character Jess. We really love to watch movies and series. Its crazy, but we can talk for hours and just forget time... Even when we don't see each other a lot, we always manage to click right away when we see each other again. It's what makes our friendship special.

Wendy is also my best friend. I met her in College. I thought and think she is really nice and really sweet. After we graduated for college we started to talk to each other more by sending emails. Since then we meet up to have dinner at restaurants. Wendy is the one who made me addicted to Korean Dramaseries. She lent me the serie My Girl and Full House. Since then I love to watch Korean, but also Taiwanese dramaserie. We can talk about everything and she is really a fun, caring and lovely person to hang out with. I am really happy to have her as my best friend.

Today's challenge was not so difficult, but I only find it hard to describe how I see my best friends.

Up to the next challenge,

Love, LC

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Wendy said...

Hihi thanks for your sweet blog entry ^_^