Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today.

Today for dinner I ate one of my favorite dish...: Laksa
Laksa is an Indonesian (Asian) dish. Its coconut curry soup.

Laksa has the following ingredients:
- Coconut milk
- Mihoen
- Chicken pieces
- Slices of Potatoes
- Chili pepers
- Bean Sprouts (Tauge)
- Eggs
- Celery
- Fried unions (gebakken uitjes/ Bawang goreng)
- a little bit of lemon juice
- Emping
Laksa is usually served with lontong (an Asian dish made of compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes.), but today I ate it with white rice.

I really like this dish, because it tastes really sweet.
That was my dinner.
Love, LC

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