Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 3: Your idea of a Perfect First Date

On my perfect first date we are going to the cinema. Because it's our first date we are going to watch something light; A comedy. By watching a comedy movie, I find out that he has the same humor as me.

After the movie we are going to have dinner in a restaurant. Somewhere nice, but not too expensive & exclusive. Soft music is playing on the background, the place is also not too crowded, so we can hear each other without talking too loud. Our conversation is going smoothly.. and the vibe is comfortable and good.

After dinner we will walk outside. I look up and see stars shining so bright... Feeling that this night is kind of magical. We would share a look and I will know that he thinks the same way too.

When its time to say goodbye.. we both don't want to leave.. Wishing this date would last longer and we both cant wait to have a perfect second date....

Love, LC

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