Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

Today I have to choose a song that match my mood. I find it hard to find that song, because I hear songs all day... on the radio, at bodybalance and bodyshape lessons and also in my head. Instead of a song that matches my mood... I have chosen songs about issues I am dealing with and things that are on my mind.

Scouting for Girls-This Ain't a love song, this is Goodbye.
I've been lost, I've been out, I've been losing, I've been tired, I am hurt and I am confused.
S.H.E- Ni Zui Jin Hai Hao Ma (How have you been lately)
Eng translation: How have you been lately? Are you also struggling inside? You said you would remember me, but do you remember? How have you been lately? Are you busy? Does your heart still ache? If you really can't forget me, then quickly head for your happiness.
Rainie Yang- Li Xiang Qing Ren (Ideal Lover)
How is your ideal lover in your heart? Will I be qualified?

Josh Groban- Hidden Away
The sweetest feeling I've got inside, I just can't wait to get lost in your eyes

Super Junior- No Other
There's no other like you, when I look around they are all the same, Where can I find a good person like you, a good heart like you, a good gift like you.

These are the five songs I have picked out today.

Love, LC

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