Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.

This is a picture of me from 2008. It was taken on my 22th birthdayparty and my cousin Lara did my hair. I always celebrate my birthday with family. My mom and my aunt Getty cooks dinner, and this year aunt Ellen baked a birthdaycake for me.

My ex-BF was there too. He didnt came to my actually bday and I remember that it hurts me a lot that he didnt came. When I read back my diary, I remember that he didnt came to a lot of days that were important to me. Like my 22th bday, valentines day and the day I received my bachelor diploma.. He did send me flowers on my bday and a gift on valentinesday, but I really want him to come and see me. We also always argue about where to spend our first christmasday and new yearsday. If I am still with him, He would never come to celebrate new year with me & my family. If I want to be with him on new year I have to come to him. Because his tradition is to celebrate New Year with his 'best' friends.

So I guess he does what girls always say what to do when you have to choose between your lover or your friends... he chose his friends above me. And dont see a solution to can do both.

I always got tired that we had the same arguments each year (we were almost 3 years together) So in a way I am glad that its over. That he let me go.

I wasn't sure what to say in this blog, but I wanted to write what I feel and think right now. Maybe it's a little bit heavy, but this challenge make me realize things about myself and how I see things.
Love, LC

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