Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet

The pet I would love to keep... is a cat... because my favorite animal is a cat. I always dream of having a cat as a pet, but I am allergic for cats.

Suddenly in 2003 my mom wanted a pet, so we could choose between a dog or a cat. My aunt Ellen told us she knows someone who has little kittens. So we decided to take one, but the owner asked if we wanted two cats... So we got two cats: Angel and Jari.

Angel is as you can see a black/white cat. He's really sweet and also smaller than the other two. We always called Angel, prince or beautiful. He thinks a lot, but he also takes care of the other two cats.

Jari is a black cat with white stomach. He is also really sweet and loves to get massages. He always blinks with his eyes... when he wants something, like want to go outside or wants to eat.

In 2007 my mom wanted a red cat, so we went to an animal shelter to look for a red cat. We found Jip and we took him home... But Jip is not a nice name, so we decided to call him, Moshi. Moshi didnt trust us first, so he always scratch us. But now he knows that he can trust us. As you can see he's a crazy cat. He likes to lay on his back... just to show that he wants something or to say, look how cute I am.
So I already have pets that I want to keep. 3 crazy, lovely, sweet cats.
Love, LC

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